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It's like Goofy campaigning for Donald Duck . They both should be living at Disneyland, fantasy world they love.
Just like Monica, the Clinton's have left everyone with a bad taste !!!!
Invest in Land, don't put your mark on peters.
No, just normal for the Dems.
Perfect example why we need better security at our borders, including Michigan !!! Why would anyone believe this disbarred lawyer ? ,let alone her idiot husband ?
Typical hypocrite Dumbacrap who thinks they know what is best for all of us peons ,but not for themselves . Get them out of office, our country depends on it. Another great reason to join the NRA. The strongest group that will save the 2nd amendment from the relentless attacks by the gun hating liberals.
Cut off all welfare for at least 6 months, maybe that will be enough time for these drunks to dry out,NOT !!!! My parents told me if I wanted something and to eat on a regular schedule, I had better get a job and pay my bills. Worked for me. No pride anymore !!!!!
I wish I had a friend who would track you as---oles down and destroy your computers, or MORE. Bang
The deductibles end up costing so much that people still cannot afford proper health care. Too many deadbeats receiving subsidies for their insurance, get off your a-- and look for a job, and yes, i don't care what color you are, all are guilty of their share of freeloading .
Yes, you people from Minnesota are the laughing stock of the country, along with California and Nevada, why ?, because of who you keep putting in a position of authority to screw you over ?
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