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Not a real President, phoney all the way.
Anyone notice how much her shape resembles a wine carafe bottle ?????
I'd like to see skip out of the country. Syria would be an excellent place for her and her hubby to move to for the rest of their lives, which I would guess may be shortened by the locals there. They have done enough damage to the USA already .
The federal gov.is not supposed to rule the states.
If someone goes AWOL for a few hours, their punishment is more severe than this traitors hand slap, oh that's right, he hasn't even got that yet. Rope,gallows,conclusion. Problem solved ,precedence set, done.
Don't give him any ideas.
I guess you have to be dumber than obummer to accept one of these positions or really want to be a total a-s in front of millions .
Usually see them with their hands behind their backs so they can be handcuffed easier. Must be a new game they have now.
This kind of butt makes me ashamed to live in Michigan. If it wasn't such a beautiful place I'd move. NO !!
Oh my, is poor tax debt ridden Sharpton and Jesse going to be exempt from any new BS policies the idiots come up with ? Not for profit MY A-S !!!!!!!!!
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