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Must be all liberals, or the ones getting large subsidies from our tax money .
Speak-o eh, wow, what an explanation. As a logical comparison I would offer thousands of babies are born because of a f--k-o error too. Makes sense the way the Dems try to think.
Its only 354 bills on stupids desk , plus or minus a few.
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Obama To Go Big on Unilateral Amnesty

Outajoint Wrote: Jul 27, 2014 8:21 AM
Let's just be honest and straightforward here. This SOB ,some call the president, not me, is lucky to still be alive. I really believe that the only way to control all the anti American BS this as----ole does is to remove him from office. Don't ask me how, not suggesting what a lot of us think should happen.
Talk is cheap, words do not count, VOTES DO !!!!! If they can keep the Dems from all voting 2 or 3 times then maybe we will get rid of some of the contaminated dumbacrapic senators and reps .... Let's hope .
As usual this administration will do whatever is not for the good of the country . Obummer is the worst refugee in the world, he represents the Muslim world so much better than he defends the Constitution. Anti American POTUS . Not mine !!!!!
Don't transfer any liberal employees when you move. That is like taking the bugs to a new area and starting a new infestation there. Good for Beretta !!!!!!
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RNC Initiates #FireReid Campaign

Outajoint Wrote: Jul 23, 2014 8:21 AM
Men in white suits needed here... This guy has nary a brain cell that is functioning. His demise is long overdue. You casino workers in Nevada need to vote for someone who gives a sh--t about you.
What Else do we expect from the Muslim POS some call president of the US. My cat has bigger balls than him . The protesters may want to look back at history and see how that anti Jew thing worked out for them.
That problem will be a moot point at election time, just like the woman in Ohio who admitted she voted more than once in the last Presidential election. I'm sure they have a dedicated group who will break the law as she did . Holder won't prosecute them anyhow. More reasons we need foolproof voter ID !!!!!
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