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Too bad it wasn't Rush interviewing this little wuss. His first question would have been, "Why are you now telling Super Pacs what ads to run against Obama, but when it came to Newt and Santorum, you had your thugs rip them apart and said you had absolutely no "control" over them?" I hope this RINO basrterd loses, if for no other reason than his duplicitous lying about everything, just like Obama does. I wonder if Benson will put this question to him and keep hammering him with it? Yeah, right. This punk is even more of a patsy than McCain was, and he won’t have Palin to help him, either.
Condi Rice is just another Colin Powell - but on steriods. Do NOT mistake this woman for a female version of Colonel West or Herman Cain, because if you do you will be even more disappointed in her than you will be at McRomney kissing Obama's Ar**se at every opportunity and losing the election.
You're totally fulll of sheet. If he attacked Obama nearly as hard as he went after Newt, he would win hands down. But since he won't, he is toast. Live with it, AH.
Not at all. His clone, John McCain was also hell on wheels on other republicans but spent most of his time bashing decent conservatives like they should be shot or something. But then again, many in here preducted this, but Benson and the rest of the gang here at Towhhall would hear none of it!
Why is Townhall posting MSM hit pieces from AP and UP, Barry's Superpacs, for the sandbox Facebook ctowd to aplaud like leftist robots?
Juat as Anne 1 and I predicted months ago and were ignored then as now: McRomney' non-campaign of taking everything off the table exceot what color of tie Barry prefers is going to result in another Stupid Party defeat. But then again, this was as predictable as the rising sun. Nosirree, don't you dare bring up Reverend Weight, even while they're now scouring his garbage and hacked family email for material to use on him or his family. Yes, the democrats will really appreciate Romney's class, just like they did McCain's!
Dan, I agree totally. Obama is first and foremost a Muslim, and Islam comes before even America with this treacherous POS. There is absolutely no way he would unilaterally try to take out Iran. Besides which, Iran is not Iraq and we would have helll to pay with their moles in this country just waiting to take down the infrastructure - and they do not need nuclear weapons to do it - just dirty suitcase bombs on trucks and ships - and they have these by the thousands, These are not that hard to make for a technically advanced country like Iran.
Actually, Jerry, I was dreaming the other night of a full scale revolution where when the other side loses, they lose for good, and scores are REALLY settled. I voted to first and foremost to settle scores with ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, NPR, THE NYT and about 10 television stations doing conservative hit pieces on Christians and conservatives.
If a book existed pointing out Romney was heard saying when he was in 8th grade that he winked at a hot chick, the MSM would now as we speak be calling him a pervert, mysogonist and potential rapist.
Damn republicans! All they do is start wars to win elections! The democrats never do this!
And we had the MSM on television and in the newpapers reminding us of Bush's drinking every single day of his presidency! BTW, Clinton snorted enough coke to sink a Liberian tanker, and no one in the state-controlled media ever mentioned it. Neither did they mention his raping Jaunita Broderick.
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