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If Warren was a conservative, Bill Mayer would be yucking it up calling her Cuntahontas.
Well, ya know Anne, it ain't exactly like Scott Brown is any Ronald Reagan or something, This chump is as liberal as they come, even for that Gulag up there.
Christ, it is beginning to look like getting a degree at HaVaad is better than being mobbed up in Cicero!
Jerry, ever wonder why not a thing has been said about how precisely Breitbart died? Do you think this is not lost on Rush and Hannity when it comes to certain things? I don't. They may be next, and they know it. Just Rush's quick apology on the Fluck thing told me a whole lot. In the old days, he would have told them all to shove it.
Jerry, then we should get them before they get us. Survival is the first law of nature.
REAL Cherokees should by now be pithed enough to scalp this beetch!
Jerry, even the "tough" conservatives are afraid to touch this thing, includung Rush and Hannity, but this POS president was NOT, NOT born in Hawaii, and not a shred of proof (at least that has been examined forensically by a disinterested party) has ever been presented that he was born in this country - not one single document - forged or otherwise.
What good will ALL of Obama's failires do if, like McCain, McRomney spends the next 5 months publicly fellating Obama? Oh, he won't? Just watch! The Stupid Party rides again!
McRomney is McCain‘s clone. The Stupid Party does it again! The democrats really don't even need to spend a nickel to beat anyone we put up, especially if he's black and they refuse to discuss anything except what a great guy he is.
Too bad it wasn't Rush interviewing this little wuss. His first question would have been, "Why are you now telling Super Pacs what ads to run against Obama, but when it came to Newt and Santorum, you had your thugs rip them apart and said you had absolutely no "control" over them?" I hope this RINO basrterd loses, if for no other reason than his duplicitous lying about everything, just like Obama does. I wonder if Benson will put this question to him and keep hammering him with it? Yeah, right. This punk is even more of a patsy than McCain was, and he won’t have Palin to help him, either.
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