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Rewriting History: New "Gay Friendly" Bible Published

Otho Wrote: Dec 14, 2012 12:21 PM
So, NV1, you can cite the scientific articles that point to the "gay gene"? Or actually, I'll take any peer-reviewed scientific study that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that being homosexual is in any way inheiritable. Oh, it's not inheiritable? Then how was one "made" a homosexual? God made someone whose inherent actions He would find "abominable"? Really? And He made so many of them? Who knew that God was a masochist?

The King James version of the Bible has been hijacked by gay activists who want to rewrite history. Anonymous editors have published a Bible "friendly to gays," and have edited eight major verses to fit their narrative. The "Queen James Bible" is available on Amazon and is described as, "A Gay Bible. The Queen James Bible is based on The King James Bible, edited to prevent homophobic misinterpretation." The description and reasoning for the changes is below.

Why We Chose the King James Version

We chose the 1769 form of the King James...

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