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EBT Abuse: The Cash-for-Drunkards Program

Otho Wrote: Jan 11, 2013 11:20 AM
Dear Sutter, When you manage to have a coherent thought, please try to put it down on paper before it disappears into the vacuum residing between your ears. You tend to be rather irrelevant here. You are naught but a malodorous slime, coughed up from the bowels of the earth, spat upon the sidewalk of life, earning the stares of disgust and disdain from all productive people as you slowly slide into the gutter of irrelevance.
From New York to New Mexico and across the dependent plains, welfare recipients are getting sauced on the public dime. Drunk, besotted, bombed. But while politicians pay lip service to cutting government waste, fraud and abuse, they're doing very little in practice to stop the EBT party excesses. Where's the compassion for taxpayers?

You see the signs everywhere: "We accept EBT." Fast-food restaurants do. Clothing retailers do. Auto repair shops, liquor stores and even sushi joints are joining the club. "EBT" stands for the federal government's electronic benefits transfer card, which is intended to provide poor people with food stamps and cash...