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Better Aborted?

Otho Wrote: Oct 01, 2012 2:23 PM
To answer point number 5, Trig was the offspring of a Republican, which makes all the difference in the world! Goodness gracious, don't you know?! Anything Republican is fair game, anything Democrat is sacrosanct. That's written right there in the Constitution, somewhere... I don't know exactly where, but I know it's in there... over in that section there... No? Well, it SHOULD be in there, so that's just as good! Now go away, Jerry Springer is starting... I never miss a good Jerry Springer or Oprah.... Oh, did you bring my food stamps?

In what has to be the most classless, exploitative negative ad of all time, Barack Obama is using a young woman with Down syndrome to attack Mitt Romney's inartfully phrased comments about the 47%.  Presumably, Barack Obama would never talk that way about Down syndrome children . . . he just has no problem with aborting them.

Just a few thoughts:

1.  Under ObamaCare, prenatal screening for Down syndrome and similar is deemed "preventive" care.  How does the screening "prevent" Down syndrome, you ask? Well, it doesn't.  It simply identifies the unborn children who have it, so that they...