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Has Citizenship Jumped The Shark?

Orthodoxa Wrote: Jul 20, 2014 7:57 AM
Scott, the left wing do not have to live long lives when they are in the process of importing millions of socialist voters. Right now in Texas, there have been times when I have driven by a location with a sign saying "Lugar de votaccion official" which means "Official Polling location" in Spanish with NO ENGLISH SIGN there. Obama will pass an amnesty, if he has to he will do it by means of a presidential pardon, and at that point we native-born Americans will be in the minority. It will reach a point where even if every white, black, or Asian who votes Democrat today started voting conservative; it will not matter because the invaders will outnumber us all, and they will vote for continued open borders and for socialism.
Newt Gingrich is an open-borders idiot. His plan for "local community immigration boards" would have meant that any member of Al Qaeda wanting full American citizenship would only need to go before the "local board" in places like Dearborn and get rubber-stamped in.
My dad fought in WW2 and was badly wounded in the Battle of the Bulge. Before he passed away I had to watch the tears stream down his face as Mexican invaders tore down the American flag and hoisted up the Mexican flag. Both Mark Davis and Rick Perry believe that the Mexican scum who did that should be made citizens and be given the right to vote and instate tuition. They are traitors. If they side with Mexico against America they should do the honest thing and move there.
I live in Texas. I don't have a say over which RINO will get the nomination in places like New Hampshire. Texans never get any real say in who will be the nominee, the RINO is already chosen before we even get to vote in the primary, That is by design.
In Rick Perry's Texas school children are punished for not pledging their allegiance to MEXICO. http://news.msn.com/us/texas-teen-sues-school-over-mexican-pledge-of-allegiance Both Rick Perry and Mark Davis have consistently shown that their allegiance is with the corrupt criminals profiting off of the Mexican invasion instead of with the American people.
Exactly. Rick Perry is a traitor who considers people to be "hearless" if they believe in Rule of Law rather than Rule of Raza. One of the most important functions of any legitimate government is to protect its' citizens from foreign invasion. Rick Perry sides with the Mexican invaders against the American people because corrupt donors who profit off of the "cheap" criminal labor line his pockets.
Why do you think that? Our nominee is going to be chosen by liberal north-eastern states again. This column is evidence that the ruling class is already working to put open-borders RINOs into the race.
Yup. I can't even bring myself to listen to Mark's show anymore. After the election, he was in full open-borders mode with the standard "we can't win without the Latino vote" BS. Davis and Perry hate the American voters and workers and side with Mexico against us.
Correct. Rick Perry was a campaign manager for Al Gore. He is an open-borders traitor.
Yes! And one who hasn't made it his mission to give our American jobs away to Mexican invaders like Rick Perry has.
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