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Combat Global Warming: Be Gay for a Day

Ortheadnew Wrote: Apr 02, 2013 12:15 PM
Hello AZYaateeh, As I read adendulk's statement, I was thinking the same thing. Have you noticed that many progressives have never learned to use punctuation? I work with many of them and when I receive an email from them, I have to copy their email into MS Word, and rearrange their sentences and add punctuation and capitalization to make it comprehensible. Their email is a series of phrases, as though it's pouring out of their mind in a scrambled mess. Just My Thoughts, Bill Moore

A long last, scientists have revealed the single most important document ever.  It’s a crayon-colored map showing how “trees” could grow in the arctic.

If finally, mercifully, any one of the so-called “climate models” that so far have failed to “model” climate accurately, suddenly and then accurately begin to “model” climate in real time, then, well, WOW!

“Experts say the wooded areas in the region could increase by 50% over the coming decades,” writes the UK’s Daily Mail, “and accelerate global warming in the process. Researchers have unveiled the most accurate map ever (!) of how vegetation could change in...