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Yes, I watch in horror as Jessie Waters interviews them every week. The rank stupidity of so many is frightening!
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Amnesty Lite Is Still Amnesty

orlandocajun Wrote: Jun 13, 2014 9:16 AM
Another brilliant dissertation by Dr. Sowell. I can't imagine that any Republican in the House will touch immigration reform with a ten foot pole at this point. They have, however, shown to be out of touch with main stream Americans so I wouldn't put anything past them.
Let's hope that they stay in McCain's and Flake's Arizona. They voted for it...let em keep it.
"WH: We Couldn't Follow the Law Because Bergdahl's Captors Threatened to Kill Him" Well, I'm sure that there are a little over 50million morons who believe that!
It's not a hate crime to load them into buses and send them back where they came from either. This is how Democrats get women suckered into voting for them.
If their base is stupid enough to vote for them, they're stupid enough to believe White House BS! The White House knows this and plays them like a fiddle. The MSM is only too happy to spread the BS to the idiots.
Is there some reason we can't just dump them back on the other side of the border? I sympathize of course but we can't afford anymore free stuff for non-citizens.
I have no problem with this. I will be glad to pay higher electric rates, gas rates, food prices, etc. Maybe after Obama has brought the country to its knees, enough of the clueless idiots that keep voting for Democrats may start voting for conservatives. Until then, the death spiral will continue until we become Venezuela.
Every liberal is a wimp and a tyrant. Of course Mark Davis can have it both ways.
I had high hopes for Carson, but he's apparently crossed over to the dark side. How exactly does a conservative compromise on abortion, illegal aliens, Obamacare, mounting debt, etc.? Compromise to a Democrat is getting their way. I think that Carson is trying to appeal to conservatives to vote for RINOs rather than not vote. Politics is BS! Conservatives generally won't meet BS half-way.
Even mental patients need a channel that they can tune into. Surprisingly, lunatics like him can say things like that and Jews still vote for liberals. Go figure...
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