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He can't win by himself. Haven't you heard of his 21 hour filibuster to defund Obamacare? He's strongly lobbying to let DHS shutdown if Democrats won't agree to the Senate bill. He's the only one who fought for either of those issues.
Flake, Graham and Hatch were the traitors. It wasn't "Republicans". Those three are liberals.
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Liberals, Stop Lying About Everything

orlandocajun Wrote: Feb 23, 2015 11:57 AM
"Do our over-credentialed, under-educated, would-be betters actually believe the bullstuff they are shoveling, or do they really think that we normal Americans are so stupid that they can lie to our faces and we will just take it?" They already know that half of Americans are stupid and they can lie to their faces. That's why they do it and get away with it.
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RIP: The "Great Escaper" Dies at 90

orlandocajun Wrote: Jan 08, 2015 4:11 PM
Ditto that!
"Radical Islamic Cleric Decries Free Speech, Justifies Charlie Hebdo Slaughter in Column Published at USA Today" I decree that this POS is a prime target for a drone strike.
I'd definitely be in favor of deporting Obama, Pelosi and Reid in exchange for an illegal alien.
The Federal Government has enslaved so many millions into poverty with welfare, food stamps and disability give aways, I'm not sure that a conservative president can turn things around at this point. We have millions of illegal aliens doing the work of the protesters and welfare recipients. In order to fix the problem, illegal aliens would have to leave and the rest would actually have to work for a living.
Is there any wonder why the Federal Government is corrupt, inefficient, bloated and incompetent?
Bush might win the nomination but would most likely lose the general election much like McCain and Romney. Conservatives can't get excited to vote for a RINO. Until the GOP nominate a genuine conservative, Democrats will keep winning the White House. What the GOP apparently doesn't understand is that moderates will vote for a conservative but conservatives won't vote for a moderate. Personally, I'd like to see any combination of Jindal, Walker, Cruz and Perry run in 2016. I never thought that I would see the day that Kasich would sellout to Rinohood.
Shumer knows the carnage that is about to hit the nation when Obama's illegal waivers and delays are over. He's scared to death facing re-election in two years. I hope that the New York liberals are hardest hit and send this snake oil salesman into retirement.
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