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So the Sierra Club thinks that all creatures have a moral right to exist, to be free of predation? Do they feel the same about viruses, bacteria and mold? How about fleas carrying the Black Plague, or mosquitoes carrying encephalitis? No problem there? The Sierra Club exists as a reflection of a society that has it MUCH too easy in terms of food.
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The Return of Robin Hood

oriole999999 Wrote: Apr 22, 2014 6:18 PM
Thank God, someone besides myself has brought that up. Have you ever notice that those who talk loudest about wealth redistribution are those who live the most extravagant lifestyle 9think Hollywood movie people, CEO's and managers of big corporations (including the worst, the techie companies), and, last but not least, government officials such as Feinstein, Clinton, Corzine, Boxer, Obama etc). In fact I would almost be in favor of wealth redistribution if we could strip such arrogant individuals of theirs.
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From Greatness to Whiteness

oriole999999 Wrote: Apr 22, 2014 11:19 AM
There is a saying (I believe it was originally a French one). It goes something like this. 'If you are not a socialist at the age of 20, you have no heart. If you are a socialist at the age of 40, you have no brain'. This inanity that they teach in"schools" has reached 'Monty Pythonesque' proportions. In the end, they will only destroy themselves with their hate.
Yesss indeed, you are right!
Has anybody heard of a gun store being robbed lately? Just curious.
So 40 years ago, that would put it right around the time of the Vietnam war when all these drug crazed soldiers were supposedly coming back and the public was being fed all this BS about how the soldiers were raping murdering lunatics (a la Kerry). Is that your basis for feeling that people who fire military grade weapons for a living can't be trusted with a 44 cal. handgun? You know idiocy is not repeatedly doing the same wrong thing over and over. Idiocy is actually believing that the person doing the same wrong thing over and over again is actually doing the right thing.
One can only hope you receive the full benefit one day of the idiocy he describes.
Thats OK, sky troop doesn't give a flying' f about people's lives or about the people's right to defend themselves. He only cares about taking guns away from citizens so only the government has guns. Hey, if a few children are killed, what the heck, they probably deserved it anyway. If a few women are raped, they were probably asking for it (I guess he has something in common with jihadists who beat women for being 'uncovered'). He understands that power is what is behind this push to disarm everyone. As my childhood hero, Chairman Mao, once said, "all power comes from the barrel of a gun" which happens to be the only thing he ever said that I still believe.
So I guess you too are advocating that police officers be disarmed before they enter the police station, that FBI agents give up their guns, that Secret Service agents be 'gun free' unless they are protecting the president (although I do not see why you would want the Secret Service to have guns even then since the president might be caught between 2 shooters wildly shooting at each other)?
that may be the case sky troop but,as with the police, 'when danger is seconds away, the police are only minutes way' That uncomfortable little truth and its ramifications for the lives of actual people have NEVER occurred to undeservingly arrogant people like yourself .
Perhaps if you don't like the 2d Amendment, we can also do away with the other amendments, such as the election of presidents, the right to vote, right to a jury trial, prohibition against slavery etc. See anything you would like to do away with? Because, there will be a day when the People get sick of this government attempting to destroy the rules under which this country was founded. If some parts of the Constitution are ignored, ALL should be ignored.
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