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BTW, moshe, its FIGHTING Hole, NOT FOX Hole... I know a thing or two about holes and could give you some lessons... ; )
Thanks again buddy...you can share my foxhole (and my Keystone!) anytime you want... Semper Fi!
This has gone OVER THE TOP... I'm getting responses from Gay MeetUp sites now! Moshe has somehow hacked into TH's database and posted my email on numerous Gay MeetUp sites! I'M OUT OF HERE!!! You've won moshe, hope you're happy...
GD you moshe! I'm gonna get you!
The insect has gone all over TH impersonating me...sullying my good name the twerp!
FYI all...I'm leaving for the day. Any posts by Henry VIII from this point on will be the insect moshe. Flag at will!
Moshe again... PLEASE FLAG THIS POS!!!
Flagged for nic-jacking!
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