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I thought Issa would've had Moonbeam recalled by now
I'm voting against Obama AND Romney #VirgilGoode2012
Whereas the Dems plan in2006 was to BLAME BUSH, BLAME BUSH......and BLAME BUSH some more
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The Numbers Game

OriginalDonald Wrote: Jul 10, 2012 7:23 PM
you're forgetting Romney set up the template for ObamaCare in Massachusetts.
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Banning Crosses, Erasing History

OriginalDonald Wrote: May 17, 2012 8:06 PM
I have a better one. how about a big $, since they seems SOOOOOOOOOO enamored with what money can buy them.
Sorry, no teachable moment here. I say Obama keeps NC in his column (the black vote will still vote lockstep for him), and he gets re-elected. Which will give the GOP a teachable moment then, as the Tea Party will either gain power for the chair, or walk out of the party altogether.
Depends on what you mean by it working. If it means itgets people to stop smoking, yes. If it means raising money for anti-smoking programs, no.
no, it would've been better spent on Bachmann's campaign in the latter stages of 2011. Now the GOP is gonna nominate the guy who signed into law Obamacare Beta. Hopefully Mittens will name Olympia Snowe as his VP pick so when Romney LOSES by at least ten points the Republican party will wake up and name Palin as the chair and go HARD RIGHT.
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