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Unreal: Obama Denounces SuperPAC Republicans

OriginalDevilDog Wrote: Aug 09, 2012 8:47 PM
remember American hating libturds like piglosi and America hating libturd both think that foodstamps stimulate the economy so everyone quit work and go apply for foodstamps and unemployment and welfare according to libturds if we all do that the economy will be more robust than any in history. we will have surpluses as high as pluto

By all means, please bravely decry those treacherous, deep-pocketed Republican SuperPACs who have the temerity to fund commercials attacking your dismal economic record, champ.  It's not like your own SuperPAC -- the very existence of which he once deemed "a threat to our democracy" -- is running ads basically accusing your opponent of causing someone's death, or anything:

I'll reiterate