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The One Thing You Need to Know About the Democrat Plan to Attack Paul Ryan

OriginalDevilDog Wrote: Aug 12, 2012 10:09 AM
Below is a screengrab from a May 14th Obama campaign video that clearly shows Joe Soptic’s pension agreement, even though the campaign has denied knowing him or his story. Joe Soptic, the man in the Priorities USA ad who claimed his firing from a Bain Capital-owned company led to the death of his wife. The Obama campaign denied knowing Soptic’s ultimately unproven claim — though they used it in a campaign slideshow. They know so much about him that they even have his pension agreement. And here’s Carney on Friday claiming there was no collusion between the campaign and Priorities USA:
Paul Ryan appeared alongside presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney earlier today to officially join the Republican ticket. Democrats leaped into action to discredit Ryan, using the same line they've been using for a long time.

This was merely an official tweet from Barack Obama, but Democrats have been promoting this for years. No matter how many organizations analyze this framing...