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raldr i guess ovomits not a real muzzie like you BOY
it even capitalises its laugh of affirmation that it was boys that it molested
english is all there. oops you are saying you are just too dumb to understand which we already knew now you better be careful you accused ovomit of allowing all those rpaes in illionoins under his watch as senator of illinois. ernie might report you
i checked pout that ovomit ad it says raldr is a convicted child molester it let go free
point pout clinton and rape or roman polanski and child molestation or homos gay pride parades and nudity and sex in public in front of children and the progs ignore point out kennedy murdered a young lady and then went and slept it off and the progs ignore. but some whacko jumps into the sea naked and it has all their attention why? because the whacko wasnt one of theirs for a change and harmed nobody
next ovomit will murder an American and claim he didnt and progs will believe him
when you look at ovomit and how he said a nine month old baby was NOT a p[erson and has NO rights............... oops what age aura? according to ovomit until they become USEFULL to SOCIETY they are NOT persons and have no rights
would oppose abortion........ and you said he would just abort them? bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaa
bwahahahah hey aura you just WHINED about some man jumping in the sea but you always defend the homos going naked and having sex in public displays you defended clinton when he raped. you defended roman polamski and his child molestation you defended kennedy and his murder of a young woman irrelevant? how is there irrelavancy? one naked man jumps in sea compared to rape. murder and public displays of sex and nudity in fron of children? oops it is YOU that has a medcial condition when you keep changing sexes like an african frog
murder the baies, vote ovomit
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