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The polls (when crosstabs are available) are seen to be largely oversampling Dems +5 to as much as Dems +19- Repubs and Indies are undersampled.. Most of them are just Adults or Registered Voters vs Likely Voters, all of which leads to results which reflect Garbage In: Garbage Out. The Legacy Media has a vested interest in seeing Obama re-elected, and even if they didn't, a "close" race is much more interesting to their viewers and readers. You'll see the polls start to reflect reality a few weeks out from the election, so the pollsters can maintain their reputations. Until then, its all theater. Honestly- how many Obama/Biden 2012 bumper stickers and lawn signs are you seeing??
Well, Head Start is really fine free daycare. That's why some many oppose closing it down- they'd have to find a real babysitter.
Plenty of red meat in speeches and on the R2 website. Of course, if you spend your time with your hands over your eyes going lalalal can't hear you can't hear you lalalalal then perhaps you'll have missed all of Mitt's great arguments. The electoral votes won't be counted until November. YOU sure as heck aren't capable of seeing the future. Take your concern trolling elsewhere
Well, hey, Yahoo is a fabulous news source... Too bad for you they aren't in charge of counting the votes. NOBODY has any electoral votes at this time. You'll have to wait until November 6 (Nov, 2 for you Democrats) and count them then.
You know, those slavery-abolishing Abolitionists are just too extreme! How ridiculous to think we should destroy the right of upstanding people to own and control their own slaves!! How dare these people try to inflict their RELIGIOUS opinions on the rest of us? People should be reasonable about slavery- say, let's not import any more, but any child born to a slave will be a slave. These extremists need to learn how to compromise. Wait...wasn't this discussion about who can or can't legally kill property that appears to be a human being but ISN'T??? I means, unborn babies, black slaves- no comparison, is there? Somebody has to own them.
Thankfully, you do not sit on the Supreme Court, since you clearly don't understand how this works. No Constitutional onvention needed The Supremes can and will overturn Roe v Wade for the Constitutional overreach it was. Did it take an Amendment to overturn the Dred Scott decision? That was a Supreme Court decision too.
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Legitimate Rape Arguments

Original2 Wrote: Aug 27, 2012 11:07 PM
Why do you claim it is a religious issue? Can you provide scientific evidence that the "bundle of cells" is not human and will never become human? Can you provide evidence that sometimes it will become a puppy or a race car? I can provide scientific evidence that this bundle of cells is a human being at an early stage of development. As soon as sperm and egg combine, all the pieces are in place for a unique human individual. Nothing needs to be added or taken away- all it needs is 9 months in a protected environment to grow some more cells, at which time it can get a Social Security number. Its tricky moral ground to state that humans in an early state of development are the chattel property of the mother. cont.
Oh, please, have you ever actually READ any of the political commentary from the 18th and 19h century? Flaming incendiary bombs, in large part. Truth and gentlemanly conduct not much in evidence.
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The Bankrupt Leading the Bankrupt

Original2 Wrote: Aug 27, 2012 10:45 PM
I don't think even rainbow-farting unicorn-poking Californians think that about high-speed rail. The players in this gig see it as prime public trough space- billions to slurp up and nobody to stop them. Doesn't the wacko environmentalist crowd jest luv dem some really rapid transit? Oh yeah, plenty of money to spread around, boyz, belly on up to the trough...
AntiWhitePrivilege is a white chick from Chicago who calls herself Allison in some incarnations. She claims to like dark meat.
Sweetheart, the best you can do is rearrange the pieces SomeOne Else created. Like my kid bringing me an egg from the henhouse and saying "look, Mama, I invented a chicken".
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