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Good thing you noticed it was Ron Paul...erp.
I would think that in today's America, unfortunately maybe he is average. He probably would get out the cellphone and start recording it. And I would think he was a gutless wonder.
That is a very good description.
Don't you think that today's child labor laws are an affront to a free people? They all start out with "good intentions".
"As for libertarian positions I support smaller limited gov in almost all things but think we need a secure border and strong National defense." No, you don't. and you're posts over the years bear that out.
The republican party is defined as being on the right. They are not, but that is how they are defined,.
Joycey Wrote:1 hour ago (6:14 PM) What would you think of a super hero that did not use his super powers to fight a mad man in the process of killing innocent children?. Cutting off their heads, even. Step away from the comic books.
There is a site about just that.
End the war on drugs and these human offal will lose their power and profits. But so will many in the US government.
Has the buzz worn off yet? It must have been a good one, the stupid continues unabated.
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Militarization of Police II

Origanalist Again Wrote: Aug 30, 2014 10:03 PM
Not really.
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