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No, it's not. The idea that we have to police the world is as distinctly leftist ideal.
Why does Michael Bloomberg hate Black people?
Really bothers you doesn't it? (grin) " In this case, drug use was NEVER legal," What does never mean to you?
One federal agency down, a few thousand more to go......
Wow, I'm stunned. That is really bad, even for Townhall.
You're not even worth responding to, keep living in you're paranoid world where big gubmint will take care of you and protect you from the big bad drug crazies.
They have always been long on hysteria, refer madness lives.
Are you Bill O'Reilly in disguise Double Vision? I don't belong to any tribe, and the only people shallow enough to think I misspelled my screen name are always big government lickspittles like yourself. You read the "news" do you? Ha, ha, you must be one smart feller.
"And Georgia still has illegal stills that cost the taxpayer BILLIONS each year to fight, and moonshiners and illegal alcohol imports still end in deaths and imprisonment of those who produce and trade spirits illegally. Imagine the BILLIONS MORE that it will continue to take when the "war on drugs" has been renamed "the war on illegal cartels." This will fight will continue long after our society has been further corrupted when the mores of drug use fall. (There has already been an uptick in the percentage of people using marijuana in states where it has been legalized.)" ------------------------ Pure, unadulterated fiction.
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