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Not at all. I am not taunting. Read the posts here. Now is the time for humility by the right. You seem to have it but few of your pals do. I am checking the BS.
Just like the Supreme Court decision on the Affordable Care Act. You guys were so sure, so cocky, so wrong about what Americans want
hahahahahaha, scoreboard
Losing twice to W.Bush taught people on "the left" a lot. For instance, we learned not to make our candidates run on social issues and the credibility hit caused by conspiracy theory. What will "the right "learn?
Or you could say, "you didn't build that [on your own, millions of American individuals joined in creating your successful business]" with investment dollars, public roads and employees. And Mud, you want to list "character" references for the GOP. How about Spiro Agnew?
Obama assassinated Brietbart, ok. Please share some of your other "beliefs" I feel like having a good laugh
You are joking right? DId you read this article? Its about people advancing ideas they know to be lies. Here you are with that garbage about the Nazis being socialists. "Our adopted term ‘Socialist' has nothing to do with Marxian Socialism. Marxism is anti-property; true Socialism is not." -Adolph Hitler 1930 As for Obama, if liberals label him "right-wing" its because he doubled-down in Afghanistan, increased domestic spying, and (no matter how you lie) increased deportation.
Topeka, Solid list. You forgot anti-religious zealotry and an ocean of obscenity on television. I could make a similar list for Republicans but I won't. I don't post on Townhall to defend the Democrats, they don't deserve it. I only ever make one point on TH. Rampant blind partisanship is unhelpful. Americans need to hold their leaders accountable on both sides. Promoting your ideas by blaming the other side for all the ills of the country is a fool's errand. The problems you speak of the fault of corruption and greed,, not one political party.
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