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I wonder ---- If the husband told the insurance company to stop paying the medical bills for his dead wife, and they stopped paying ---- How much longer would she be kept "alive" ?
I only wish Christie would run as a Democrat.
Nathan Allen gives bigots a bad name.
So, because he was forced to retire, rather than being fired he gets to keep his Govt. pension. That's just swell.
Your co-workers mom works on the computer generating doggie porn, and you are her primary buyer.
It's a safe bet those two "white boys" are cooked.
I'm sure the spending will stop sooner than you think. The Chinese are racially stereotypically good at math. It won't take them long to do the math, and determine that our debt CAN NEVER BE REPAID. Each family now owes over $100,000.00 towards the National Debt, but most have less than $1,000.00 in savings. When the world stops buying our worthless paper, you're going to see very few fat people on the streets. Of course that could save a few Health Care dollars too. In a Democracy --- you deserve the Government you get.
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