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Trust But Verify: A Tentative Thumbs Up For Corker-Hoeven and the 700 Mile Fence It (Allegedly) Guarantees

oracle1 in Atlanta Wrote: Jun 23, 2013 3:22 PM
Laws which get ignored are simply no longer valid...ILLEGAL aliens KNOW that if they push out that anchor baby (70% illegitimate) that it is a CERTAIN ticket to Food Stamps, AFDC, the whole gamut. "Racism" is a convenient red herring-- I pay taxes...ILLEGAL aliens are HUGE net takers of tax funds...the guvment's own data PROVE this to be true. Surveys (L.A. Times) among ILLEGAL Hispanics in Mexifornia revealed that 73% of them considered America's generous guvment giveaways to be a key reason they broke the law to get and to stay here. The amnesty bill S 744 pending in the Senate is a cram-down job! Middle America MOST wants to stop ILLEGAL immigration as a priority of immigration reform...but the looming amnesty bill will INCREASE ILLEGAL immigration! Rasmussen polling: "While favoring a welcoming policy of LEGAL immigration, VOTERS WANT TO STOP ILLEGAL immigration. Eight out of 10 (80%) think this is an important policy goal, including 58 percent who say it's VERY important."