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Trust But Verify: A Tentative Thumbs Up For Corker-Hoeven and the 700 Mile Fence It (Allegedly) Guarantees

oracle1 in Atlanta Wrote: Jun 23, 2013 1:58 PM
When we gave amnesty to 3 million, we ended up with a peak level of 15-20 million NEW ILLEGALS. BUT, each Hispanic who gets citizenship then brings in her extended family. Hispanics have grown from just 2% as recently as 1980 to almost 16% today due to this in-migration after the 1965 immigration law was changed by the Left to emphasize family reunification instead of education and job skills. THIS is REALLY why welfare ranks and "poverty" levels have soared. But consider this...Zogby polling down in Mexico reports that over half of Mexico's 110 million mostly poor and often ignorant (8th grade dropouts) say that another amnesty here will make it LIKELY that they too would crash the border. And the ObaMessiah has NO INTENTION of stopping them! Rush reported from credible wire services that Obama appeared in ads with recent Presidente Calderon telling Mexico's poor that they would get Food Stamps to help after they came up for jobs here. The Border Patrol reports that border jumpings are up SHARPLY (30%+) since the talk of the Gang of 8 Amnesty Bill began.