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The Real Reason Libertarians Aren't Settling For Conservatism

oracle1 in Atlanta Wrote: Nov 11, 2013 9:30 AM
Big Entitlement Guvment Leftists bray vacuously: "Progressives hate unfairness, inequality, injustice." So do conservatives-- they just see and define these terms in radically different ways. To Leftists, "unfairness, inequality and injustice" describe one American having more achievement, material goods and success than another American-- in total disregard of the individual choices and behaviors that may have led to this discrepancy. The conservative VALUES and seeks to CONSERVE the ability to succeed and make America prosper JUST AS IT ALWAYS HAS, and NOT to "need" exsanguinating (blood-sucking), crippling Big Guvment. For the Left, an ignorant, compliant population (think ILLEGAL aliens and "Po' People") is a thing MUCH to be desired-- they will vote for Big Entitlement Guvment, and that means job security and POWER for the Left. The low information/low aptitude voter is so readily addicted to the drug of guvment dependency.