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STEM Visas Should Be No-Brainer In Immigration Debate

oracle1 in Atlanta Wrote: Aug 20, 2013 11:28 AM
I have also heard that employers simply want the foreign engineers and computer guys because they can simply pay them is effectively the same as hiring the poor, ignorant ILLEGALS to do restaurant support, yard work, hotel cleaning, etc., but paying them well less under the table. Americans get screwed in multiple ways...the IRS says that 50% of ILLEGALS working here do not even file tax returns...and the lion's share of ILLEGALS, as "po' people" are HUGE net takers of guvment services. It is an EGREGIOUS lie by people like quisling Marco Rubio that those amnestied "will not be able to receive welfare services." ILLEGALS laugh at such silly statements-- they are ALREADY tapping welfare at rates higher than citizens!