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Reid: Boehner Will 'Cave In' on Immigration

oracle1 in Atlanta Wrote: Dec 05, 2013 6:31 PM
You have to study who it is who wants ILLEGAL aliens to keep coming here to comprehend WHY the looming amnesty bill REEKS of selling out Middle America. This is an odd issue in one way because so many diverse parties profit from ILLEGAL aliens swarming here like locusts...hence, "sanctuary cities" and the like. Players on multiple sides have been encouraging them to come here for some time. ILLEGALS KNOW we have not been serious about enforcement, even though 80% of Middle Americans have wanted enforcement all along. Per Rasmussen, 80% consider stopping ILLEGAL immigration a top priority, and 58% feel strongly about that goal. Miscreant employers simply want to save $ by paying ILLEGALS under the table. The Left wants their dependency and soon their votes. The well-to do-want maids and yardmen (like remote elites here-- Medved, Chavez, Barone, etc.). Guvment social workers love more dependents to cultivate. Some religious types like more bodies in the pews to tithe. Racist, ethnocentric Hispanic groups like La Raza and LULAC want more brown people constituents, thus clout. BUT it is Middle America which has to endure ILLEGALS' myriad social pathologies-- crimes, gangs, dropouts, degraded schools, bilingual dysfunction, 70% illegitimacy's, barrio blight, social service/welfare decimation and IMMENSE costs, B/R hospitals, drunken driving fatalities. Middle America and the real taxpayers get screwed once again so that limited focus special interest groups can benefit. A nation without borders, a unified culture, and the rule of law soon ceases to be a nation. America seems doomed by takeover by the takers-- led by those who use them.