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“A” Is For “Amnesty” -- And “Amnesia”

oracle1 in Atlanta Wrote: Jul 04, 2013 8:16 AM
Real Americans, don't lose hope! We KNEW that the Senate would cave for amnesty...besides the official Left, there are so many RINO/CINO quislings-- amnesty Juan McVain, Linseed Grahamnesty, artful Marco Rubio, etc., ad nauseam. And some who voted for it (with the cover of "tougher enforcement") were simply counting on the House to kill it. But it is the nature of the House, besides being Republican controlled, that it is harder to buy off so many and easier for angry constituents to fuss about opposing scamnesty, which is what S 744 is, purely and simply. A KEY reason that the House is different is that MOST House districts have < 10% Hispanics. They often concentrate in certain pockets (see barrio blight). Too many RINOS/CINOS are running scared of the vaunted Hispanic vote...but if Romney had gotten 70% of their vote, he STILL would have lost. Fully 5 million conservatives stayed home, declining to vote for another phony conservative. Four years before, Amnesty Juan did little better among Hispanics despite having made a Faustian pact trying to get their votes (while shamefully selling out America). God, I loathe Amnesty Juan!