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Jim Nabors and How Liberalism May Win Its Way to Defeat

Optimista Wrote: Feb 02, 2013 11:14 AM
To all the liberal morons out there. Social issues are just that. They don't put food on your table. They are smoke screen for the lazy bs liberal crowd to live, without working for a living. Social issues are way down the priority list for most working Americans. Your schrill rhetoric over bs issues diverts attention from the real butter an bread issues. None of you are capable of basic math. That is why all of you went for bs liberal arts majors. Teaching, Journalism, swimming with dolphins etc. You propagandize for a living. The second oldest proffession. Come to think of it you are very good at the first one as well.
Robert1824 Wrote: Feb 03, 2013 4:28 PM
Only an ignorant fool equates liberalism with laziness and wanting the government to support you while taking hard-eraned money from honest, hard-working people. You are pathetically ignorant of the facts .

Is Gomer Pyle one of the Four Horseman of the Liberal Apocalypse?

The superficially surprising thing about last week’s announcement that Jim Nabors had married his boyfriend of four decades was not so much the nuptials themselves – I always felt Gomer was just going through the motions with Lou-Ann Poovie. Rather, it was the cultural reaction to the news that a huge star back in his day had decided he would tell even if we didn’t ask.

There was no reaction. America, including conservatives regardless of their feelings about gay marriage, collectively shrugged their shoulders and generally wished the elderly...