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If Iran was part of the Republican Party it would have been totally obliterated by Obama and the Dems by now. Boehner and the Republicans have a long way to go to equal the in your eye and in your face behavior of Obama and the Dems. They are like children. They love dishing it out but aren't grown up enough to take it.
right.. It cost New York 3 years of litigation and close 900 thousand dollars to fire 3 bad teachers. The teachers union is a sham, its the modern day mob. The teachers union has nearly destroyed the Mexican economy. They still have a total stranglehold on the country.
Great analogy.
The unions have degenerated into nothing more than another layer of bureaucracy fleecing the general public. In this they are enabled, for the most part by the Democratic Political Crime Syndicate. They have them in their pockets paid for lock stock in every major city in the US. Between the unions, corrupt politicians and crony capitalist, all major infrastructure projects in country are costing us taxpayers 40% more than it would in a free and competitive society.
No he is not. He is very intelligent. The stupid one around here is you. You don't have the mental capacity to realize just how ignorant and stupid your post are. A normal person would be to embarrassed to post garbage like you do.
gver.. You wrote a manifesto and said the same thing essentially that Moore said. So that makes you a "world class turd" as well.
Joseph.. Great post. My sentiments exactly.
No, Ransom has it right how it started.
Thank you guys and gals. Today I read some of the most inspiring and entertaining posts ever on TH.
Bird.. The reason Taft is who he is, is because of his incapacity for comprehension.
There always is a practical side of life as well.
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