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How Times Have Changed

Oppressed_Taxpayer Wrote: Aug 02, 2012 11:08 AM
Anyone may find themselves in a situation where public assistance could help see them through it. I have no problem with that and would encourage them to do so. The missing element is that they should pay for that assistance by giving up their right to vote until they get off the public dole. Under that kind of a system we would be able to see how much politicians really care about poor people since they would no longer be able to 'buy' votes with entitlements.

Having been born in 1936 has allowed me to witness both societal progress and retrogression. High on the list of things made better in our society are the great gains in civil liberties and economic opportunities, especially for racial minorities and women. People who are now deemed poor have a level of material wealth that would have been a pipe dream to yesteryear's poor. But despite the fact that today's Americans have achieved an unprecedented level of prosperity, we have become spiritually and morally impoverished compared with our ancestors.

Years ago, spending beyond one's means was considered a character defect. Today...