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I read this as a very thoughtful and encouraging blueprint for how to move forward from the polarization pushed by the current administration. This was a very refreshing change from all the numbered lists and I thank you for that.
I'm increasingly concerned with national fundraising for local candidates. If a congressman is to represent a district, raising money or campaigning outside the district should be illegal. Same goes for Senators. I recently saw that the two senators in my state contributed $220,000 to the campaign of one of their buddy senators from another state. That is just plain wrong and could also be addressed by going back to the original blueprint for our government (the constitution) and have state legislatures pick the state's senators that they feel will best represent the issues affecting the state.
Nice to see well thought out and expressed ideas as opposed to another numbered list (that has been getting a bit old).
Maybe we could send them there for the study...at night of course, so they wouldn't burn up.
Income inequality is a result as opposed to the source of the key economic problem. What should be pursued is production equality. If people find ways to produce things or services of equal value, a free market will reward them equally.
All he has to do to win is act like the mayor of New York...and I'm talking about an academy award winning performance. 'cause if he were an Oscar Mayor Weiner everyone would be in love with him.
He was the first black man to ever be considered for candidacy at a political convention for the office of president of the United States. Back in the 60's that was more an act of protest than an actual consideration, but it makes one wonder what effect that show may have had to enhance Obama's chances.
I would want to see another important amendment...stop the insanity of anchor babies. This policy makes no sense and only serves to increase the complexity of the issue by increasing the human toll in correcting past problems.
Government spending needs a meat axe. If the political process makes it impossible to decide what to cut and what to leave, cut it all equally across the board.
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Obama's Hate Couture Divas

Oppressed_Taxpayer Wrote: Oct 24, 2012 8:32 AM
There is nothing wrong with business owners pulling for a political candidate or party of their preference, but it is pure stupidity to do it at the risk of their own business. The only exception would be professional campaign workers where by design they need to be overtly for the party they represent. Business and politics may have close relationships, but for the good of the businesses smart owners adopt a don't ask/don't tell policy.
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