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Who's Afraid of Susana Martinez?

O'Pinyon Wrote: May 21, 2012 2:53 PM
5Mentarios wrote: "Regulation has nothing to do with it. Illegal immigrants simply work for less and can be exploited more." What we want is this: A person does work in exchange for an agreed-upon wage. Period. Out of that amount, the worker pays for whatever they want. This might include insurance for health, unemployment, or whatever they like. That's it. Voila! More jobs, and less illegals!
AmerikaSI Wrote: May 21, 2012 3:04 PM
Good luck with that ... LOL
I think oversimplification is the norm with you conservatives .
See data on crop gathering in Alabama ( can't find enough Migrant workers to pick crop, could lead to spoilage and 30% higher prices for the consumer ) and thats just a small sample
O'Pinyon Wrote: May 21, 2012 3:08 PM
Excellent illustration of why we need to CUT THE RED TAPE.
Thank you.
AmerikaSI Wrote: May 21, 2012 3:22 PM
Americans don't want to pick crops LOL
AmerikaSI Wrote: May 21, 2012 3:22 PM
Americans don't want to pick crops LOL

Last week, Jefferson Morley of Salon wrote a piece premised on the assertion that New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez has committed Vice Presidential suicide by endorsing immigration reform:

“I absolutely advocate for comprehensive immigration reform,” Martinez  told reporter Andrew Romano. “Republicans want to be tough and say, ‘Illegals, you’re gone.’ But the answer is a lot more complex than that.” With those words, Martinez inflicted multiple wounds on whatever slender chance she had to join the national ticket. First, she indicated support for the immigration agenda that President Obama promises to pursue if he defeats...