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Indoctrinate U: Professor Forces Students to Pledge They Vote For Obama and Democrats

O'Pinyon Wrote: Sep 18, 2012 1:03 PM
The problem with this is best demonstrated by the fact that it was a parent, not a student, who reported the Professor's misdeed. The students feel that their future depends on the whims of a faculty member, instead of realizing that their future will be decided by their own character.
Words Wrote: Sep 18, 2012 1:41 PM
This entire belief that everyone has to get an "A" is causing robot-like behavior is students. We need objective measuring techniques. My son was given a "B" in a regular 4th grade reading class. When the results of his 4th grade state testing came back, he had hit the ceiling of that test, and we didn't know what reading level he was at. We wanted to get accurate reading level books so he could continue to move forward. The school refused to test him further, telling me he would be put in the highest reading class for 5th grade, so his reading level didn't matter. The Principal also defended the teacher when I asked how it is possible for him to have a "B" in reading, when he is testing so high...
Words Wrote: Sep 18, 2012 1:49 PM
We happen to have a reading expert in our city, who has written many books and computer programs on learning to read. She is also a consultant who goes into low performing school districts and redesigns their reading programs, with excellent results. She tested my son on reading. It literally took HOURS to go through all the grade levels. Turns out he was reading at college level, and she told me to get his IQ tested. He read a lot of non-fiction science books because much of the college-level fiction is inappropriate for his age group. He got a B in reading that year. Think about that. What nonsense!
O'Pinyon Wrote: Sep 18, 2012 1:51 PM
Have you considered home-schooling?
Words Wrote: Sep 18, 2012 3:01 PM
I thought about homeschooling, but decided against it, and instead "after-schooled." We have some excellent teachers in our public school, especially in the honors classes. My son has had a math teacher with a master's degree since 3rd grade. At the time he was bored out of his mind in 4th grade reading class, being forced to reread a book he read in 1st grade, he had the absolute best math teacher! She wanted to the kids to learn EVERY WAY there is to solve a problem. They had to do math problems and logic problems. New math, old math, you name it, they learned it. It was great. He had explosive growth in thinking in that class. It was crazy.
O'Pinyon Wrote: Sep 18, 2012 3:54 PM
After-schooling sounds great. After all, he will always have to deal with being ahead of the curve, with a good attitude.
king10 - exposing leftism Wrote: Sep 18, 2012 1:29 PM
so true, sir O'Pinyon, so true.

A professor in Florida is under fire today after forcing her students to sign a pledge to vote for Barack Obama and Democrats. Oliver Darcy over at Campus Reform has more:

A college professor has been placed on leave after she allegedly forced her class to sign a pledge to vote for President Obama in the upcoming elections.

Early last week Professor Sharon Sweet at Brevard Community College (BCC) allegedly told students to sign a pledge that reads: “I pledge to vote for President Obama and Democrats up and down the ticket.”