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True, true. There are bigots in this country, who may not like what the President does just because he's Black. There are probably other people who like Obamacare only because Mr. Obama is Black. Now that we have that out of the way, can we talk about the actual merits and demerits of Obamacare?
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Making College Affordable

O'Pinyon Wrote: May 16, 2014 12:35 AM
Wow! Thank you, Mona, for the great and well-researched article. If a college is OK with 30% of those in debt not having completed their college degrees, what kind of education do they really have to offer anyone?
You're right, Bill. If nothing else, Christians should get up and walk out when God's name is maligned. Would we put up with that - consider it entertaining - if it were our spouse or children or friend being mocked?
"How long can the Hollywood left avoid the broader and more profound issue of the suppression and subjugation of Muslim and Arab women? " You, Larry, are obviously a caring individual, so you may believe that the power brokers in Hollywood share your respect for women. They don't. Pray for revival. Only God can make our country whole.
Knocked it out of the park! This article demonstrates why Ann Coulter makes the big bucks.
You're right, Joycey.
First it was marriage between one man and one woman, and life for unborn children. Now Mr. Paul wants us to stop advocating that voters should be linked to their votes. Anything else, Mr. Paul?
Absolutely right! Impeachment is the correct response to this presumption.
These judges who sit in judgement on the amendment process take upon themselves a mantle they are not entitled to wear. They should be impeached, rather than impeaching the citizens of their states.
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Media Yawn at Hollywood Child Abuse

O'Pinyon Wrote: May 09, 2014 2:12 PM
Why do we support these people with our hard-earned dollars? Why do we who are Christians sit through "entertainment" that kicks the names "Jesus" and "God" to the curb in order to make actors look "cool"? Would we pay to hear someone talk about our friends or spouses that way? We cannot be surprised by Hollywood, while we are supporting their worst efforts.
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