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Contact your state legislature and look at their Facebook Page. Most states have them and you can tell where they stand on the issues. If not contact your Representative.
Mark Levin has done several interviews, with Hannity, and at the last convention explaining who, why, what and where.
I suggest to all making comments if you have not read Mark Levin's book "The Liberty Amendments: Restoring the American Republic" that you do so before commenting further. He has a long history with the Constitution and has made certain suggestions regarding the Amendments. Most would be reigned in to help control the Federal Government and the Supreme Court from making decisions which do not include more than half this country! We have nothing to lose by trying this. Burying our heads in the sand gets us absolutely no where.
Again...why are you commenting if you have not read the book!!! he is not suggesting a Congressional Congress but a Convention of States....there is a difference!!! Please read the book least Chapter 1.
Has anyone here actually read the book? He is not proposing a Constitutonal Convention, which would indeed be a potential disaster...but a Convention of States! There is a difference. Please read chapter 1 of his book, then come back and discuss it.
Call and email your reps and senators from your states and tell them you want to DEFUND OBAMA CARE!!!!! DO IT NOW! SIGN THE PETITION!!!
The conservatives have had a difficult time getting anything accomplished because you only gave us the majority in the house and not the senate! You left Harry Reid in office to stop any bills from coming to the floor. He kills all the bills the republicans put forward. If it wasn't for the conservatives, we would probably have been socialtists already. In 2014 we need to vote the majority in the senate and get Reid out and all of the Rinos and Progressive Socialists (communists) out of office. We have a majority of voters 60% Conservatives/ Republicans to 21% Liberals. Come on people, we are in the majority and if we get out an vote we should be able to change this government. Think Positive!!!! Get involved and stop being negative!
Laura Ingraham is smart and doesn't mind getting into calling someone on something! I think Bill O'Reilly is too busy giving his own opinion and telling everyone how he is the authority......give me a break! He is sometimes completely rude!!! Leave Laura on or how about Monica colms off he is annoying!!!
Please people boycott the violent movies these people made millions off of. Hey Jamie....why not give your take for the latest violent movie you made to help the victims of violent crimes???? the same with the rest of the hypocrites!!!
What a bunch of hypocrites!!!! They live in gated and guarded communities in huge homes and many have personal body guards!!! Give me a break. I get rid of my gun when you get rid of your body guard, your gated community house and live in the real world!
What happened to the bold baby boomers of the 60's, who never hesitated to demonstrate when they were unhappy with the congress or White House? Demonstration is a powerful tool especially with the congress we voted in to vote for us and represent us!!!! Why are we emailing, cowering in our houses with assault rifles instead of taking to this to the government and demanding to them to do our bidding!!!! They represent us and need to do their job now!!!!
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