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We need to take the Senate and yet so few conservatives came out to vote in the primaries!!! Early voting started on Monday in many states.....please get out and vote conservative!!! all the way!!! Only way we can win!
Come on Millennials and Baby Boomers....We need your help to spread the word about the Article 5 Convention of States.....Please read Mark Levin's "The Liberty Amendments: Restoring the American Republic" ....see Chapter one online. Thanks all! Then go to the Website: Article 5 Convention of States Project. There you will find videos and a Webinar with explanations!!!
People we need to move fast on this Article 5 convention of States ....talk to your legislators!!! If we wait too long we won't have a recognizable country!
How are we doing on getting the Article 5 Convention of States moving???? Missouri is in the final stages of discussing and hopefully approving the application. The application passed the Florida Senate and has gone to the House. Arizona and Alaska have both passed the application through the House and we are waiting for it to pass through the Senate! There are a total of 42 States that have applied for the application!!!! HOW EXCITING IS THIS??? THIS MY FRIENDS IS HISTORY IN THE MAKING! I CRIED WHEN GEORGIA WAS THE FIRST STATE TO APPROVE THE APPLICATION.... YOU SEE I AM FROM GEORGIA!!!!!! LET'S NOT FORGET THIS WAY LEFT TO US BY THE FOUNDERS IN THE CONSTITUTION TO MAKE CHANGES TO REIN IN THIS OVER REACHING GOVERNMENT!!! gET ON BOARD EVERY ONE!!!
Where are all the socialists to defend her???? You know you are dumb when your own party won't acknowledge you!!!!
Did she say the Constitution is 400 years old????? And people keep voting this unbelievably stupid woman back in???? SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE!
I don't think she is....I think you have sold your principals for food stamps!
Why are you all giving up and giving in? I thought this was America? Where is the American spirit?
so what is your solution ......go over to the democrat socialists? Live a life of Welfare slavery? No freedom, only exist to serve the government?
Contact your state legislature and look at their Facebook Page. Most states have them and you can tell where they stand on the issues. If not contact your Representative.
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