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o'bama, those he controls, and those who control him HATE AMERICA AND ALL THAT IT STANDS FOR. Their goal is to destroy us and we continue to allow it.
So bring charges against her ... or is it just more "tough" Republican talk to be followed by the usual boot kissing?
Why do Cong. Staffers get their own obamacare website?
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The United States of Racism

ooflogic Wrote: Aug 20, 2013 6:47 AM
Derek Hunter - Thank you for finally beginning the conversation. The Race Card is the ultimate political weapon in this country. Progressives have figured that out but, unfortunately for all of us (including the Progressives) they chose a very stereotypical black man to build their brave new world around. o'bama has (intentionally) set racial equality back by decades and is well on his way to destroying America as we knew it. Sadly, the American people - and the Republican Party - seem to fear being called the "R" word more than they fear the loss of our country.
This illegal IRS activity influenced the 2012 election. It was most certainly inspired by if not directed by o'bama's people for political purpose. The 2012 election is hereby declared invalid.
Progressives fear the truth and will do anything to stop, hide or change it. The mainstream press will not tolerate fairness and seems to be proud of that fact. Once so important, the 5th estate has turned itself into a political footnote.
Media is too busy sniffing out those old ladies with 72 cats to worry about some abortion mill. It's all about priorities.
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What's Next for Ben Carson?

ooflogic Wrote: Mar 03, 2013 9:18 AM
Exactly correct. "Next" for Dr. Carson is to be ridiculed, marginalized and discredited by the Left.
Deny. Deny. Deny. It's worked so far.
American said: "how can 114,000 new jobs (probably seasonal jobs) lower the Unemployment figure that much?" It can't. It didn't. There's your answer. The number will be revised.... AFTER the election. An investigation may even take place... AFTER the election. Everyone knows it is manipulation. That will likely be proven... AFTER the election. The election is ALL that matters.
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