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Government Motors is a bad piece of biz and it numbers in there with all the othe collusive crony deals made by this crooked administration....personally I would like to see those who put these deals together and colluded to cheat the tax payers be held responsible and sued for every dime they have plus be incarcerated for complicity to purposely instigate fraud and embezzlement of the taxpayers...
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New Jokes about the Idiots in Washington

ONTIME Wrote: Jun 24, 2012 1:23 PM
We can joke about the Wasington Idiots but they are a dangerous group, the lib/RINO mentality is to enlarge government and saddle you with misery and just because it takes place here it is not to be ignored, slow moving communism is here and it is real.....
I felt embarrassed by the actions of those teenagers and there were times at that age and later I embarrassed myself and had to make a known apology and learning grace after being humbled is not a simple task as a teenager or a adult. In this case I saw what amounted to a wolfpack mentality and brown shirt tactics, " How much harm can we get by cheap talk" the prey a elderly woman had no defense to offer so the infliction went on for the duration of the bus ride and to the detriment of the pack, they were recorded and their deeds did not go unnoticed. The families were duly embarrassed, as were the pack boys and the video went rampant netting the lady a tidy sum to vacation on. Government learned docility has not come about. Good deal
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