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"..."Those were the days, my friend, we thought they'd never end," warbled Marianne Faithfull," It was Mary Hopkin who "warbled" that song.
They can all go to LL
MyRA retirement notice: Congratulations! You've reached retirement with a healthy MyRA account! That's great! Now we we can subtract that entire amount from your other expected gubmint benefits to give to those whose MyRA was less substantial or non existent. Gee, that's the easiest means test we ever did!
The most formidable tenet of liberals is their complete refusal to debate issues. I've noticed this recurring theme at all levels of intellect.
The version I often hear is: Conservatives think liberals have bad ideas. Liberals think conservatives are bad people.
lois numbnuts says: "1-year anniversary of Hillary's testimony on your manufactured scandal yesterday - what did you do to celebrate?" Lois, what difference, at this point, does it make?
Loisonumbnuts says: "... yeah; I'm sure satan follow US politics. Well tell your boss to be more attentive, I'm sure he would approve of Obama's activities.
anonymous9339 says "... and vote based off of ability and not skin color." If voters had made a choice based on his ability he never would have been elected in the first place, let alone be reelected. Apparently you don't pay attention to what's going on in the world based on your absurd comment.
Loisonumbnuts says: "... such a scandal Obama STILL got reelected handily." Poor Lois, you actually don't get it do you? The scandal is that the details of it being a terrorist attack were downplayed (covered up) by the administration because in his campaign for reelection Obama claimed to have decimated Al Queda in the region, and the fact that they were involved in the attack made a mockery of his claim. So when you say he got reelected "handily" proves their scam was successful in deflecting awareness of and criticism of terrorist involvement until AFTER the election.
California is second from last on the list, just above New York.
"...has found that when the Xist is inactivated and the second X-chromosome is allowed to be active, it creates extra proteins. These extra proteins can drive a cell to grow uncontrollably. This additional uncontrollable growth makes cancer (is) more likely." Get it? Xist inactivated = bad news. But the author then goes on to say: "Now that we know Xist exists, maybe we can determine how it becomes inactive -- and ensure it remains inactive." WTF?
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