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The real goal of Common Core is as plain as the name they gave it. The "common core" that it refers to is the basic level of intelligence and learning ability that nearly anybody can achieve. Since nobody else seems to be saying it, I will save them the trouble. Common Core is designed to "level the playing field" so that people of all backgrounds and ethnicity will score similarly on standardized tests. Unfortunately, it attempts to achieve this by creating a curriculum that equally confuses and confounds everyone, so that the "privileged class" does not excel above ethnic minorities. Rather than raise educational standards, it degrades them so that everyone can get an "A" and feel good about themselves, or more accurately, reduces the reliance on common sense and logic to achieve. It is a giant game of "whack-a-mole" designed to keep "over achievers" in line with 'the common core" of students. Shameful to say the least.
Well, I am outraged.
As if on cue to your comment, Paul Jacob reports the story that the IRS has "lost" two years of emails belonging to Lois Lerner was not reported in The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Chicago Tribune or The Los Angeles Times. Lying by omission.
They lie on the front page, because the retraction, or proof of deceit is never on the front page (if it is printed at all).
I would also put a concrete blockade across the exit that led to the Marine's predicament, and any other road to Mexico that is not clearly marked and allows for a u-turn prior to entry into that disrespectful country.
I highly recommend those who are suffering from "white guilt" to visit Walter Williams' web page where he has posted an official pardon and amnesty proclamation. This makes it official:
Affirmative action demonstrates the left's racism. First, it exhibits the "soft" racism of lowered expectations, the belief that blacks cannot make it on their own. Second, and this the more sinister aspect of left wing racism, successful blacks are tarnished with the suspicion that they achieved their success with "special" help. This thinly veiled racism seems to go unnoticed by the population at large, but has devastating effects on the mobility and self esteem of the black community.
Mr. Hawkins, I always enjoy your well written lists. In fact, you are one of my favorites. I feel that this list, however, was not one of your best. I think you got lazy and phoned this one in. Not that it's terrible, but you have done much better.
I accept the apology as well as the implied message of the whole episode: Instead of Kickstarter, one should take their business elsewhere.
You should wait for the male death count to be up one or two just to be safe. Wouldn't want women to take the lead on that statistic.
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