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All government worker unions are a travesty because the employer (taxpayer) has no seat at the table during labor negotiations. That role is filled by disingenuous politicians who have no vested interest in the expenditures, and use them to ply the unions with voting incentives. Bad deal for us, the taxpayers.
And they always have such awful candidates that you believe them, because they almost couldn't help doing better next time.
You can say that again.
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Owning Ideas

John stole my idea for this column.
Taft, I think your last line says it all about your thought process. Um, you can't think of a good reason Israel spends more on defense than Poland? And in whose mind are those qualified as soldiers "children"? Get a grip.
Apparently Idopas, you read the article none to carefully. As was clearly explained, NO other religions have been used in class material. So your concern was clearly already addressed. Or were you just seeking an opportunity to make a snide remark about Christianity? Oh, I see, you are after all a "voice from the UK". Well then, p*** off.
In the last sentence of paragraph 4, Derek meant to write "white-on-black".
Actually Barry, the major networks were not asked to broadcast 0bama's address. They were happy to oblige him as November ratings sweeps are under way. The only broadcast outlet (not cable) to air it was Univision, the Spanish language network. And, it occurred just prior to the Latin Grammy awards. Talk about your shameless hustling ...
@Mark6815 Excellent.
0Bama tells so many whoppers that they've created a new designation just for him. It has been decided that 10 "Pinocchio"s = 1 Geppetto, and 0bama has earned 2 Gepettos already.
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