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Actually Barry, the major networks were not asked to broadcast 0bama's address. They were happy to oblige him as November ratings sweeps are under way. The only broadcast outlet (not cable) to air it was Univision, the Spanish language network. And, it occurred just prior to the Latin Grammy awards. Talk about your shameless hustling ...
@Mark6815 Excellent.
0Bama tells so many whoppers that they've created a new designation just for him. It has been decided that 10 "Pinocchio"s = 1 Geppetto, and 0bama has earned 2 Gepettos already.
Bring back Lil' Abner.
You bogart.
On the subject of taxes: I believe the entire tax code should be eliminated, and replaced with a national sales tax, probably in the neighborhood of 18% to 20% on EVERYTHING. The benefits of this system are numerable. In the area of "fairness", you have more wealth, you spend more money, you pay more tax. It eliminates the boondoggle that currently (and unjustly) taxes "income" instead of "wealth". It also eliminates the control the government has by doling out tax breaks to moneyed special interests. The only task legislatures should have is deciding what should be considered "staples" and be tax free or subsidized. This system would go a long way in wresting the control of our everyday lives from our current (obviously) corrupt politicians.
Not an active member, in fact, have not attended since being confirmed as a presby 45 years ago at age 13. But I did send a letter denouncing my presby faith several years ago when the initial divestiture of Israel actually first occurred. This is not new. They are ill-advised.
David3036, Do some research on Antonio Gramsci.
The real goal of Common Core is as plain as the name they gave it. The "common core" that it refers to is the basic level of intelligence and learning ability that nearly anybody can achieve. Common Core is designed to "level the playing field" so that people of all backgrounds and ethnicity will score similarly on standardized tests. Unfortunately, it attempts to achieve this by creating a curriculum that equally confuses and confounds everyone, so that the "privileged class" does not excel above ethnic minorities. Rather than raise educational standards, it degrades them so that everyone can get an "A" and feel good about themselves, or more accurately, reduces the reliance on common sense and logic for problem solving. It is a giant game of "whack-a-mole" designed to keep "over achievers" in line with 'the common core" of students. Shameful to say the least.
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