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You should wait for the male death count to be up one or two just to be safe. Wouldn't want women to take the lead on that statistic.
40% ? In Ventura County, CA where I live the rate in 2012 was nearly 79%. As far as I am concerned, the federal gubmint is responsible for every one of those crimes they commited, for not having protected us from these invaders. Every victim, especially those of violent crimes, should hold the gubmint responsible for dereliction of duty.
Speaking of journalism, this article needs some proofing. "no" for know (end of par 4), "new" for knew (par 5). Rule 1 "The first rule is a negative: Report nothing as a fact that hasn't been stated by anyone who refuses to allow the use of their name." Should read "Report nothing as a fact that HAS been stated by anyone who refuses to allow the use of their name." Journalists should proof their copy after having used speech recognition to compose it.
"The Artist Formerly Known As Global Warming", excellent Derek ! Most excellent.
It is annoying that your list of annoyments is so short.
How exasperating it is that all these lies are told with impunity. The MSM has failed us miserably, and there seems to be no recourse.
Well, I guess that's better than under coming.
HeraldOfGalactus, Just what does the Bible say about "minorities" ?
"..."Those were the days, my friend, we thought they'd never end," warbled Marianne Faithfull," It was Mary Hopkin who "warbled" that song.
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