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Given these events, it's easy to single out Firefox. But, which browser company is not anti-Christian? Google made a Chrome ad called "It Gets Better" which was obviously trying to make sexually confused males feel at home. I certainly appreciate where you're coming from, but I'm pretty sure a boycott of Firefox will be insufficient to affect positive change. No, I don't have a better idea either to replace or supplement a boycott, but I am on the lookout. I do like the idea in practice over at TruthRevolt.com. If a well-known, heavy-traffic site would do likewise and direct Firefox users to a page explaining the situation (just like OkCupid did) and recommending use of a different browser, I believe that would be significant. But, a small site like TruthRevolt.com already bold, and unreserved in their Conservatism has nothing to lose by taking such a stand. What MAJOR site is going to risk revenue and wide-spread persecution for the Truth?
These complaints sound like those of someone afraid of success.
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Conservatives and Gays

On The Mark Wrote: May 10, 2012 9:40 AM
Rational thought is a conservative value and demands acknowledgement of the confusion that produces homosexual desire and behavior.
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