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Obama’s Manger: What if Kenya’s a Little Town in Hawaii?

oneworld321 Wrote: May 22, 2012 9:24 PM
Another interesting bit of evidence as proof positive that we're being misled. There has to be a trail of other evidence disclosing his true place of birth. College records, residency records in Phillipines,.... Make no mistake. Some in his inner circle know the truth. All of the lies/deception are OK because it's for the cause.

Who the heck was Obama getting to hawk his books back in the ‘90s when he was doing coke and weed and hanging out with Marxists? Whoever it was, it is now causing quite a bit of consternation for BHO’s camp because they put on his bio that he was born in Kenya. This publication, apparently, even confused Michelle about Barack’s country of origin, as this video points out.

Kenya? Now, what kind of crap publishing company gets the nation of origin wrong for a rising star and does not correct it until 16 years later when he begins his...