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Hey, Media, a $75K Mechanic Pays a Lower Tax Rate Than Romney

OneForFreedom Wrote: Sep 27, 2012 4:48 PM
All of this reminds me of way back when my parents got their first dual-control electric blanket, and inadvertently got the controls switched. Dad was too warm, and kept turning down "his" temp. control. Mom was too cold, so kept turning up "her" control. So, you want to control the amount I'm taxed? How 'bout this - gimme the control for how much YOU are taxed, too. We'll all be miserable together. ------------------------------------------------ OR -------------------------------------------- We each control what we give, not what we think others should give.
If "journalism malpractice" were a crime, Nancy Grace would not be able to keep track of all the trials.

ABC news reporter Jonathan Karl recently said: "Mitt Romney ... made $13.7 million last year and paid nearly $2 million in taxes. His effective tax rate -- 14.1 percent. That's a lower rate than an auto mechanic who made $75,000 in pay."

Not again.

Back in January, anchor Diane Sawyer teased "Mitt's millions" on ABC's "World News": "What Mitt Romney's taxes really show about wealth, taxes and fairness." Then correspondent David Muir informed viewers: "(Romney's) tax rate? In 2010, about 13.9...