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Vulgarizing Sexual Politics Down

One for All Wrote: Nov 02, 2012 6:50 PM
The source of that data,, is dubious to say the least. Though most of those rich Americans are........ LIBERALS!!!!! The ones who are supposed to be for the working class. "We are for Main street not Wall street" crowd. The impassioned and tolerant evil corporations? Go back to kool-aid filled sippy cup.
More than a century and a half ago, when early suffragettes fought to win the vote, they campaigned for equality as a source of independence and dignity, a means for a woman to stand equally with a man. The vote would uphold a woman's capacity to be fully human under the law, and from the law the culture would change. The early feminists assumed a moral superiority over men, which is why so many were active in the temperance movement.

Others muted the differences between men and women and were satisfied to preach absolute equality. But they all reckoned...