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Obama's Swiss Cheese Campaign

One for All Wrote: Jul 04, 2012 11:13 PM
Obama had a somewhat middle class up bringing while with his step father and had enough money to travel from Indonesia to Hawaii fairly often and went to some private schools not exactly the "started with nothing" rags to riches story you want us to believe. But you are correct, your brainwashing is complete and functioning perfectly.

What's pale yellow, riddled with holes and not very sharp? President Barack Obama's renewed class-warfare attack on GOP opponent Mitt Romney.

To kick off the Independence Day holiday, America's fundraiser-in-chief took to Twitter to stoke wealth-bashing resentment against Republicans. "FACT," Obama's official Twitter account declared, "In 2010, Romney reported having a $3 million Swiss bank account." Obama for America campaign manager Jim Messina piled on, urging "every reporter covering Romney" to read left-wing Vanity Fair's new report on his offshore finances. In a water-carrying news conference call, Obama campaign flack Ben LaBolt assailed Romney's "mysterious corporation in Bermuda, his...