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Like a blue dress?
It is not child abuse when you are making them needy citizens.
The Police ARE a paramilitary organization just because the way they are organized and equipped. But having armored vehicles and such is really stretching the lines of tactical necessity of a Police Force. Leave that stuff to the National Guard.
None of these talking bobble heads never went thru a friend or foe - combat handgun training course. Never had to use a weapon to protect themselves from a violent attacker at close range. Yet they will run their mouths about what is enough force to protect one's self. Years ago a bunch of anti-gun, police brutality screamers were invited to go thru the local Police Forces' handgun course. None of them passed. One woman shot every target, including the woman with a bag of groceries target who looked very much like herself.
Six Flags - All of them Red with a Hammer and Sickle.
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Meet the New Host of "Meet The Press"

One for All Wrote: Aug 16, 2014 8:39 PM
In fact, even Todd’s bosses needed to be persuaded. Deborah Turness, the president of NBC News, was lukewarm on him, sources at the network said. Disappointed by the program’s poor ratings under host David Gregory, she had entertained all manner of revisions: Moving the show to New York and handing it over to a more affable, nonpolitical personality like Savannah Guthrie, the co-host of the “Today” show; changing the show’s name; perhaps even canceling it and starting over. Try an unbiased intelligent host who has no puppeteer controlling them. She could also try and NOT be the American version of Pravda.
The Governor has line item veto authority. How is using the enumerated powers of his office criminal. It is not like he changed the law by an executive order.
This idiot would accuse the stars of being racist against the black of the night sky.
Unless that STUN gun or mace is in a speed type holster what good is it? Telling a woman she doesn't have a choice in deciding how to defend herself is why these women are fighting back. If she has to dig around in her purse for the mace can, she already has lost. Have you seen the size of some stun gun/Tasers? A small caliber semi-auto pistol in a bra holster is far more effective and far more concealable. I guess you would rather have women continue to be your victims.
Imagine a world where everything is safe. Everything is guaranteed. There is no risk. No dangers. No hardships. No struggles. No challenges. Everything is provided for you. The progressives love to sell this world. Only thing is, it is a lie. Frankly this would be the most dullest of worlds. It is the hard, the risk, and the unknown inherent into any activity that makes us great. Ask Adam and Eve. They made the choice to face the wrath of GOD and leave the garden. We face the unknown, the hard, the possible dangers when we leave our parents house. Just like they did. Hopefully without the wrath of our parents. Amen.
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