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Rachael is just his stage name.
He doesn't know which of the 57 States' border everyone is talking about.
“The Protect Women’s Health from Corporate Interference Act". I would rather see,"The Protect Our Country from the Marxist Morons Act".
Obama, the only reason the other kids let him play is because he is the only one who owns a ball.
Planned Parenthood also identifies itself as a Humanitarian agency. Do your research before donating, there are many groups that investigate charities. Charity Watch is one.
If you buy a copy of her book it now comes with a free pant suit in your favorite bathroom color.
But it is those dirty Republicans who are in bed with big business. No?
This would be a perfect who wants to be a millionaire question. What two note worthy politicians are famous for doing nothing? A. Laurel and Hardy B. Lewis and Clark C. Hope and Crosby D. Davis and Clinton
They come from a far away planet called California.
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Obama's Incompetence Sinks In

One for All Wrote: Jul 09, 2014 11:43 AM
Make no mistake, this is not incompetence. Everything this administration does is planned, researched, consulted, polled, strategized, put through committees and deliberate. The fundamental change of America, by whatever means necessary.
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