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The Oscar winning actress could not remember four sentences and had to have that nonsensical rant written down for her??! It was an Liam Neeson moment of word association - Terrorists and guns = America has a lot of guns. Patricia's turn - Women who give birth and citizens = pay inequality for women. Even more sad, the crowd applauded. Guess the "Applaud" sign was lit, otherwise they would not know what to do.
And learned nothing from your service. DOG. MMC, USN '82 - '02
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Liberals, Stop Lying About Everything

One for All Wrote: Feb 23, 2015 12:59 PM
Getting liberals/progressives to stop lying. You might as well try to get fish to stop swimming.
It would take 2700 pages to list all the things Obamacare has gotten wrong, but only one for what it has gotten right. And we could do that as soon as it does something right.
The state department needs to remember to give her the brain cell they all share BEFORE she talks. So lets compare World Wide Radical Muslim Jihadists to one group of crazy self proclaimed Christians operating in one country/region to say what? That makes it okay to chop up/burn/stone people. Throw them of cliffs and buildings for being gay. Shoot rockets into residential areas for no reason other to kill innocent people living there? If two groups are doing it. This walking vacuous ball of fluff needs to go back to the sub-basement office where she came from.
We see just how small the little boys and girls of the Democratic party really are.
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Jeb on Bush Brand: "I'm My Own Man"

One for All Wrote: Feb 19, 2015 11:12 AM
He is a puppet wishing to be a man.
School yard antics on full display. What's next, is he going to start calling people "big poopy heads"?
Yet Obama's administration spends even more time on what NOT to call radical Islamic terrorists.
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