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Are Black and White Conservatives Racist ?

oneeye Wrote: Sep 21, 2012 12:00 PM
"Racist" is just a noise liberal/progressive/democrats say when they run out of anything intelligent to say -- which doesn't take long. It's just sort of like a sneeze, and has come to convey about the same intellectual content as a sneeze. If someone's calling you racist, you're probably doing something right.
Well the Congressional Black Caucus is having their annual legislative week in Washington DC this week opining about their favorite subject "racism". They can't seem to stop reminding their audience that President Obama and his Democratic machine continues to champion their causes and if Romney is elected, we will return to the days of the great plantations. They have taken Romney's video comments about the 47% and are creating a new political industry and campaign. However, the President's record on crime, closing the education gap, reducing unprecedented poverty in minority communities, and creating an entrepreneur class during his tenure has taken...