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Will NATO End With a Whimper?

OneDogGone Wrote: Aug 07, 2014 10:24 AM
Frankly, NATO going out with a whimper is much preferable to its going out in a blaze of ICBM-delivered, nuclear bomb-driven "glory," don't you think?
A few truths Coulter overlooked: Most Christian missionaries are Korean, not American. In fact, Korean now sends missionaries to America. Africa is also sending Christian missionaries to America. The Christian mission is a two-way street; it's all about transforming lives, those of the missionaries as much as the "recipients" of the mission. There is no lack of American Christians working to cure America's problems. Islam would be happy to fill the gap in the world should Christians withdraw from it. So, the Apostle Paul should have stayed in Jerusalem and wrote off the Greeks and Romans simply because some Jews didn't accept Christ?
All them Yankees movin in to Dublin is to blame for this outrage, no doubt.
Yeah, I know.
You can't beat "Soylent Green is people!" when illustrating where "Utopia" leads Utopia is literally "no place," which is precisely where one can go to find the bill of goods leftists, dreamers, and statists are all selling.
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The King of Bryan College

OneDogGone Wrote: Jul 29, 2014 11:51 AM
This is truly sad. My prayers go out to Bryan College and its extended community. Hillsdale College went through a similar embarrassing episode several years ago and has come through scandal much stronger and a much more effective communicator of its core values and beliefs. Dinesh D'Souza, the conservative filmmaker and writer, lost his job as president of King's College, a small Catholic school in New York City, after a sex scandal. I don't know how the school has fared since, though. Anyway, Hillsdale College's example demonstrates out of crisis can come growth. May God bless Bryan with wise and discerning leadership and decision-making.
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Cease the Cease-Fires

OneDogGone Wrote: Jul 29, 2014 9:39 AM
Sherman made "Georgia howl" by attacking farm houses guarded by boys, women, and old men too infirm to fight, burning crops, driving off livestock, and stealing valuables. Sherman made his "great" reputation fighting civilians, not actual soldiers. Post-war, Sherman and his minions then carried his military "genus" to the war against the Plains Indians and applied his strategy of attacking villages only when all the warriors were away, burning crops, driving off livestock, and stealing what little valuable stuff possessed by the village. In short, Sherman occupies the role of Pox on the pantheon of American military leaders.
I don't know that we "KNOW" Obama "is well above average in intelligence." We certainly have been TOLD that, from sources that don't "know" that either. We don't know Obama's SAT scores, his LSAT scores, any of his GPAs, or any other remotely reliable indicia of intelligence. Instead, what we KNOW is Obama accomplished one good speech which brought him limelight, then was elected as a bright, shiny, hip new toy, vastly different from the old, decidedly-unhip toy; a new toy fawned over by the self-appointed intellectual elite infatuated with his, and their, self-perceived brilliance. Intelligent people recognize when they're making mistakes. They correct course when heading in the wrong direction. They work with the people they have to work with, even if they don't like them. Intelligent people accommodate reality that may be different from their heart-felt expectations, wishes, desires. Obama evidences none of those attributes of intelligent people,
Hopefully, she's like McCain in that she will will lose the general election.
Like McCain? What, her party's base will vote in droves for her despite severe discomfort with many of her basic positions?
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