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I don't know that we "KNOW" Obama "is well above average in intelligence." We certainly have been TOLD that, from sources that don't "know" that either. We don't know Obama's SAT scores, his LSAT scores, any of his GPAs, or any other remotely reliable indicia of intelligence. Instead, what we KNOW is Obama accomplished one good speech which brought him limelight, then was elected as a bright, shiny, hip new toy, vastly different from the old, decidedly-unhip toy; a new toy fawned over by the self-appointed intellectual elite infatuated with his, and their, self-perceived brilliance. Intelligent people recognize when they're making mistakes. They correct course when heading in the wrong direction. They work with the people they have to work with, even if they don't like them. Intelligent people accommodate reality that may be different from their heart-felt expectations, wishes, desires. Obama evidences none of those attributes of intelligent people,
Hopefully, she's like McCain in that she will will lose the general election.
Like McCain? What, her party's base will vote in droves for her despite severe discomfort with many of her basic positions?
Give it up, Lois! You've already been outed as as a complete nincompoop!
If the leftists are so insistent that someone else (be required by law to) pay for abortions, why not abortion providers? Abortionists, not employers, have skin in the game!
You have religious scruples about hops and knees? Unless you truly do, your comment is utterly asinine (as in you made a total a$$ of yourself).
Why don't we just cut through all the middle men (persons?) and require all abortion providers to provide free abortions to every woman who presents herself? If it's fair to impose abortion costs on third parties such as employers, it's certainly fair to impose abortion costs on principal parties such as abortion providers.
Lawyers are way too able to horns-waggle civilian jurors more often than professional judges, so jury trials are here to stay. Some judges are much better than others, so bench trials are not automatically the forum of choice. But even a bad judge can be more predicable than a good jury. If defendants, rather than plaintiffs, got to choose a jury trial or a bench trial, there'd be a whole lot more bench trials and more consistent justice.
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