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Predatory Journalism

OneDogGone Wrote: Oct 21, 2014 1:29 AM
Banks, among the most highly-regulated businesses in America, despite such high degree of regulation, still charge interest rates in excess of what the New York Times would like. So, the answer is still more regulation? Competition, the availability of many alternative lenders, actually is what would drive interest rates down. But then again, hyper-regulation eliminates lower-cost alternatives before they can compete. Funny how that happens. Entrenched business interests, with vital assists from the government and the New York Times, stymy potential competitors before they can compete. That. my friends, is the classic definition of fascism.
Necessary implication of China's One-Child policy: One child, supporting two elderly parents, and four really ancient grandparents. No sisters, no brothers, no cousins, no aunts, no uncles.
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OneDogGone Wrote: Oct 08, 2014 9:55 AM
The irony is that Wal-Mart is the greatest and most successful poverty-alleviation program at work in America. Between the better wages it pays its associates and better working conditions they experience than the alternatives available to them (unless you assume them to be utterly stupid beyond redemption, Wal-Mart associates would work elsewhere if they'd get paid or treated better elsewhere), and the lower-cost, better (notice I didn't say best- or top-quality) goods and services Wal-Mart sells, no one actually accomplishes more for poor people than Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart treats its customers with dignity that no government social services agency does. How many times do you see the post office, for example, or DMV open a second or third or fourth check out line when they're busy? Wal-Mart doesn't do that because it wants to dignify its customers. It does so because Wal-Mart knows its customers will take their money elsewhere if they don't. Social service agencies, the post office, and DMV all know their customers have no choices in the matter, so their customers can be treated with whatever indignity they wish to mete out. No! Wal-Mart is not heaven on earth. But it has every incentive to improve the lot of its clientele. No government social program has that incentive.
JFK's assassination led to at least a couple of generations of the worst kind of tawdry politicians being elevated to the Founders' stature (in the minds of the main stream media at least). Our country cannot afford more spinning of the left-wing Camelot myth and its associated torch-passing.
Oh, come on! Coulter is addressing the very practical political issue of too many idealists voting for third party candidates rather than for Republicans, resulting in more Democrats getting elected. On this point, Coulter agrees with Rush Limbaugh. I agree our political system is broken. The GOP especially. But making it easier for Democrats to take and retain more power over us won't fix it!
The influx of Ohio (and other midwestern state) escapees into southwest Florida transformed that region from a super reliable Democrat stronghold into one that elected and re-elected dufus Connie Mack IV simply because of the R behind his name.
Hate to be a nay-sayer but we should have more political indictments rather than fewer ones. Let's say a businessman proposes a plan to investors that makes a series of claims that turn out to be incorrect. That businessman goes to jail, right? But, let's say a politician proposes a plan to the public and makes all sorts of false and even absurd claims about how his plan will save money and work better. That politician gets reelected, not indicted. I say, treat politicians and businesspeople alike. If their schemes don't work out as promised, put them all in jail. Barry can share a cell with Madoff, but then Bernie can rightly complain that his cellmate did far more harm than he did.
Before any one American life is put in harm's way outside of an emergency we must demand of our politicians a formal and unambiguous Declaration of War by Congress under the Constitution. So long as there is no formal declaration politicians will play politics with American lives. On this, Ron Paul is right.
I daresay you could make it a million high school seniors so ignorant, and at least 97 percent of the history majors in all the colleges and all of the universities in America, and nearly 100 percent of the non-history majors among our "educated elite." Posited with, say, ten plausible alternative answers, I daresay no more than one in ten of our "highly educated elite" could correctly distinguish George I from George III.
Would that these schools truly teach critical thinking and analytical skills! For instance, genuine critical thinking skills tell us that if "justice" is truly "justice," then, adding the modifier "social" transforms the resultant "social justice" to something different from true justice and, therefore, not true justice. It's as simple as 1 + something is not 1.
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